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Pimp your Jon Boat

Jon_Boat_Umbau Yo fellas - this is the boat dude with the final report on our tarakito jon boat conversion. It took us much longer than expected but we finally got our rig rolling. Please click below to browse through some pictures of the building process. Cheers.

That`s what we started with. Well we actually started here

Removing the styrofoam to gain space for batteries.

Aluminium construction work to support later wood decking.

Bloody rivets. It must have been thousands …

Covering the crimping with tape. Cables are runned behind the tape.

The mates coming over to help the boatmaster by drinking beer and grouching.

Styrofoam inside the driver`s bench was left in place. Plenty of space for an eventual future livewell.

M6 bolts to support driver`s seat.

Angle bracket to support rear hatch. And yes … we also have 12V in the back of the vessel.

Decking ready. Now for the carpet.

Thomsit R710 - our Mr. Wolf when it comes to laying bass carpet. What a bloody mess …

Cutting the carpet after exsessive beer consumption.

Starting with the floor. Floor and decking are made of film coated plywood.
Trimmed edges are coated with Hammerite.

Carpet in place. Now for the wiring.

Ready to rumble.

Despite the heavy decking, motors and battery the vessel still floats (:

Cheers Ian

(Bericht: Ian, www.tarakito.net)